Valentine’s Day Outfit: Lunch with the Girls! ♥

.685 Valentines Day: Brunch With the Girls

Hello Beauties!

I am back with another post about the upcoming special day- Valentines Day! I , myself, never thought that Valentines day was something special but I wanted to help some of you guys out by creating outfits for different Valentine’s Day occasions. Today’s post is focused on a casual outfit that someone would wear if they’re going to get lunch or brunch with the girls. Starting from the top, I paired a casual printed bird dress with a blazer for a more tailored look. For this outfit you could add a black blazer instead of a navy blue. But the navy blazer does give the outfit a little something extra rather than what an ordinary black blazer would. I then paired this outfit with red wedges to add the “necessary” red color into the outfit. I chose wedges because wedges does tend to feel more comfortable than heels. If you do not prefer wedges than you can also wear flats! Finally, for the accessories, I added a brown bag and a few accessories to go along with the outfit. I love this outfit because it is casual but still put together to have a fun time with the girls you love!

Thank you for reading this post!

Until Next time 😛 ❤ ;d ❤ ;D


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